Sunday, November 9, 2008

Happy Dance at the Yellow House!!!

In May of 2004 we purchased the Yellow house....

The Yellow house had lived its life since 1922 as a Craftsman Style Duplex. The Yellow House had a million coats of rent house paint....
had suffered and survived major neglect....
had jillion cracks in every piece of sheetrock....
had HUGE foundation issues....and we set about converting it to a single family home.

The Yellow House had settled so much in 83 years that the bathroom floor had buckled as the drain line refused to yield to gravity even though the rest of the house had given up the fight.

Our floors resembled a roller coaster ride type ebb and tide of up and down!
Don't try this if you've been drinking!

Bert spent several months jacking the house up and leveling the foundation.

In early 2005, we began demolition of what we called the Master Bath!

Notice the lovely cast iron drain pipe at Bert's feet.....that was the one that was poking through the floor when we bought the place. At least at this point it was below the level of the floor....go figure!

Coral does a HAPPY DANCE! Bert gets a sub-floor in place and I am no longer looking at the joists and soil beneath my house! Side note....Bert was not happy with the height of the floor so before it was said and done, Bert pulled the plywood up, shaved about a quarter inch off the joists and put the sub-floor back down so that the tile that we would EVENTUALLY put down would be flush with the wood floor. Did I mention??? Bert is a perfectionist!! Frustrating but well worth the extra time.....good thing I am a patient woman!

Samson the Wonder Dog takes a sunbath while Bert strips a gazillion coats of paint off the bathtub and the cast iron ring that supports the tub!

Remember??? I have this thing for old bathtubs and Bert will go to the ends of the earth to accommodate little ole me!

God, I love that man!

Bert has installed the Hardi-Backer portion of the floor!

Had I known that 4 years later, I would still be looking at the stuff, I might not have been so damned excited!

Bert is so cute when he is working!
He is finishing up the electrical work and installing the ever so attractive GREENROCK.....another feature that I would look at for FOUR YEARS!! In case you haven't figured out by now....we don't stay on track real well. Seasons often dictate what project happens at a particular time!

Traditionally, we get beyond the crisis point and get diverted by some other project that takes AIR CONDITIONING or getting rid of the very dangerous Deer Born heaters and putting in central heat/air!
(Can you say "small child and open flames???)

Fast forward several years...past gutting and remodeling the sun-room, past completely re-wiring the electrical system, past installing HVAC, past framing in and completing TWO bedrooms, past installing side-lights and back door (see Urban Pioneer Post way back when), past grading the soil and draining water away from the house, past planting not one but two extensive garden spaces, past re-sheetrocking and redoing the master bedroom, past many other miscellaneous projects.......and we finally come back to the infamous bathroom project!!! See I told you we had difficulty staying on track!

Bert has completed all the sheetrock....

installed the wainscoting....

built the ledge...

reconfigured the linen closet complete with custom made doors....

built the medicine cabinet....

Now Bert is priming the floor with this really weird hot pink primer stuff that looks a lot like bubble gum in preparation for laying the tile....we are so close I can almost taste it!

The Bubble Gum stuff has dried and we are ready for the tile! Yes, I am cheering Bert on and patting myself on the back for being so patient!

I can see a light at the end of the tunnel!

We are finally on the home stretch!

All that is left is to install the tile....HOT DAMN!!!!!

I am headed to Bed, Bath and Beyond to treat myself to new bath linens!

We have chosen a antique white, octagon tile with a pinwheel border and cobalt blue dot pattern as an accent. Here, Bert is painstakingly piecing in the damn near microscopic pieces he had to cut and place before he can put the border pieces into place....Bert says "What a pain in the ass!" But, being the perfectionist that he is he drudges through it bravely!

Hot diggity dog!

The floor turned out fantabulous!!!!

The crowd ooohs and aaaahs!

Greenrock and Hardi-Backer are ghostly images of the past!

As you can see, my trip to Bed, Bath and Beyond went well!

I found linens that go with the paint color perfectly!

Aren't they pretty??

I picked up totally cool stainless steel stuff to go with my totally awesome linens!
Everything matches and I don't know what to do with myself!

Notice the gorgeous linen closet doors
and terrific hand-crafted medicine cabinet!

Damn, I am one lucky girl!

Here's a better shot of linen closet!

See how great the linens go with everything!

Since Bert did 99% of the work on this project.....

I had to do my part ya know?

Just call me the Home Design Diva!

The project is complete!!!!!!!!!

I am doing another HAPPY DANCE!!!


jill jill bo bill said...

That was so cute and I am cracking up! It looks gorgeous!!! I am so impressed and can't wait to see it in real life. I love the pictures, especially the one at the end.(your cat diving into the sink is hilarious!)

h2ofossil said...

I just noticed that I had 2008 as the year we purchased the yellow house....

well if that had been the case...
we would needed a magic wand to get all that accomplished in a matter of months rather than years!

Don't I wish!

I just keep telling myself "Remember, it is the JOURNEY not the destination"!

Yeah right!

Kajiai said...

The bathroom looks fantastic, Coral! Tell Bert he did a great job, despite the time it took.

Sorry to read about the DISD matter, as well. I was on the school board for four years up here, until I had to step down in August when I changed jobs and moved. It can be tough to make financial decisions that affect students so directly. Don't get me started on my complaint list regarding federal, state and municipal money vs. unfunded mandates!

That said, I think things are a bit different down in Texas. My brother and his family still live in Mesquite and I've heard some interesting stories about their school board. In the town where I served, the school board is elected and wholly volunteer. There is absolutely no financial advantage, nor is there any real power to be gained. Just about everyone is there to serve the kids, though every now and again someone comes on board to "reign in those greedy teacher." Yeah, right. Please. It's hard enough just to keep the leaks fixed, but I'm sure you understand all of that, you activist you!