Saturday, August 2, 2008

Bubble, Bubble, Toil and Trouble

I have this thing for cool old bathtubs. My husband has this thing for taking pictures of me in cool old, not what you are thinking! Get your mind out of the gutter!

When we closed on the house we are renovating, the first thing I did was climb into to tub to try it on for size! You see, I am short or to be politically correct, "petite" (at least some parts are petite anyway)! Naturally, my husband has to grab the camera to capture the moment!

I love to lounge in a hot bath and treat myself to the occasional soak. However, being short...I mean petite, the very popular Garden Tub does nothing for me! You say..."What?". The current rage seems to be a bathroom big enough to fit a family in (at one time) along with a deep set "swimming pool" and jacuzzi jets where one could do laps and get a massage at the same time.

Despite the fact that I do know how to swim, these gigantic tubs make me feel vulnerable. Yes, I am a control freak! I want my feet to reach the end of the tub! I want the water to come up to my shoulders without feeling like I am going to float away or be carried off down the rapids. I should not need a life jacket or an anchor to take a damn bath! Just a tub full of very hot water is all that I want!

So, a friend of ours offers us a really awesome antique claw foot bathtub that they pulled out of their 1920's house. When I found out that it was only 4 feet long, I jump for joy! Yes, yes! We will take it! (Husband groans!) Like we need 5000 pounds of cast iron and porcelain to store until we get to the bathroom remodel portion of our journey! We could be looking at this thing for years! (Groan again!)

A couple of days later we take delivery of the new "Tiny Tub" and lovingly place it on a furniture dolly for ease of moving from room to room over the next several years while we renovate! (FYI - We do a lot of moving stuff from room to room, it is the nature of living the life of an "Urban Pioneer".....goes with the territory!)

That evening, after I climb out of our existing antique bathtub and put on my nightgown, hubby walks into the room and asks "You wanna take the Tiny Tub out for a spin?" My mind immediately goes to the gutter....yes, guilty as charged! My first thought is that he has some hanky panky in mind (my turn to groan).....then a vision flashes before my eyes. This tub is on rollers at this eyes bug out!

I see images of him pushing this thing (like a soap box racer) around the house with me in it! Eyes still bugging out,
I say "TAKE IT OUT FOR A SPIN?????" thinking he really has lost his ever loving mind!

No, nothing so crazy....he is suggesting that I "try it on for size" as he knows how weird I am about bathtubs. Naturally, he has the camera in his hands!


jill jill bo bill said...

I knew you were a weirdo-that's why I had to be your friend! And yes, you are a conrol freak-another reason I love you.

Kajiai said...

I love my clawfoot tub. In fact, that was a definitely selling point when I came to see this house for the first time. I also enjoy a good soak, but I hate that American standard tubs have such a low overflow drain. I barely get my legs covered. I prefer to be up to my neck in warm water and love going to the public baths whenever I'm back in Japan. At the Nagoya Airport, there is a public bath where you can soak while watching planes takeoff and land outside the window.

h2ofossil said...


The baths at the airport sound really appealing. I don't know how I would feel about bathing publicly but being up to my neck in hot water is one of my greatest joys! I might be able to get over it!