Wednesday, July 30, 2008

It's a Guy Thing.....

Ben all tuckered out after his 3rd birthday! He fell asleep still holding his new BOB THE BUILDER hand tools! He is already following in Dad's foot prints...not the tool fetish...the fall asleep on the couch routine...It's a GUY THING!

Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Nerves of Steel....Urban Pioneer....aka "sucka"

Well, for you DIY'rs this one is for you! We knew going into this project there was a lot of work to be done to restore this place but living it is a whole 'nother thing! Yes, we are brave souls! Fearless URBAN PIONEERS! Nah, I am just too poor to afford a nice place up front. So, I live the life of a prairie wife who faithfully watches as hubby chops logs and weaves a thatch roof! Hah! This chick is really the job superintendent!

Bob Villa has nothing on us....he gets to go home to his own palatial digs at the end of a shoot. Little ole me gets to pray that Bert can put it back together again before nightfall! Nerves of steel! That me! I live in a concrete jungle along with my courageous family and hard-working hubby as we brave the hazards of life in the city! Boy are we crazy or what? And just for the record....WE DO NOT GET A DISCOUNT AT HOME DEPOT but I bet Bob Villa does!

Sunday, July 27, 2008

State of Construction

I live in a constant state of construction! We are currently renovating a 1922 Craftsman Style Bungalow...and we do live there while we renovate. Kind of a hobby of the junkiest house in a great neighborhood and wallah poof we have a totally remodeled home! Not! It takes us years to complete these projects and about the time we get done....we sell and start all over again! Yes, we are nuts!

Meanwhile, it is a good thing that I am not offended by exposed 2x4's, sheetrock dust and tools in every corner! Baby proof, smaby proof! Hand the kid a wrecking bar and let them go to town! Both my kids where born with caulking guns in their mouths...I mean in their hands!

For our daughter, this is house number three! Yes, she survived (to the age of twenty) all the exposure to 1940's lead-based paint without suffering any ill effects..... that we know of????

As for our 5 year old son, well....give him a screw gun, some sheetrock screws and an empty cardboard box and he will be intertained for hours! He is such a boy!

You know what I mean, Vern????

My Daddy is named Vern and he is a hoot! What you can't see in the photograph is the rainbow suspenders! Yes, this is my daddy.

He is a long time Kerrville Folk Festival old-timer! If you think that I am a character, you should meet Vern....

I love my daddy and his fashion sense over the years has been comical. I know- everybody has a story to tell about how their parents dressed but I was lucky to survive puberty with any dignity intact.....

Take the time that he decided to support the Ending Hunger Project and wore NOTHING and I kid you not, NOTHING but BLACK (even in the middle of summer!) "Ending Hunger" T-Shirts. Now, I know what you are thinking...SO???? I mean he had about 30 of these shirts in his closet. He would wear a variety of jeans and shirts paired up with the famous Ending Hunger T-Shirt with it's bright orange and yellow lettering.

No, I don't mean he USUALLY wore this outfit! HE wore this outfit EVERYDAY for about 2 years!!!

He changed up the look a bit with an array of hats....rainbow beenie (I did say rainbow beenie!), floppy straw hat or well worn felt, no, that outfit was not complete until the hat had artfully arranged buttons attached showing his support for whatever group happened to be giving out free buttons and reeked of hippie ideology!

If his pants or shorts were a little too big to stay up on their own, he would drag out the rainbow suspenders! No joke! As if this outfit needed any additional adornment!

So, if you think you had it rough as a kid, then stay tuned...this is only one of many classic fashion moments I can share with you! You will think your dad's white tube socks weren't so bad after all!

Dad, if you are reading this, please know that I value all that you have contributed to my life.....especially the funny parts!


If you wanna play the old "If you could have lunch with anyone....who would you choose?" game....I am in...

I would choose:
1) Lucille Ball - I love Lucy!
2) Carol Burnett
3) Sarah Barah BoBarah - my daughter
4) jilljillbobill

Notice a theme???? I will help you out...
They are all redheads and they make me laugh!

Giggle till you spit diet Coke!

That is my idea of fun! Nothing like a therapuetic dose of laughter!

You think it was the milkman?